Chef Dieter Koschina

Austrian Chef Koschina has been part of the Vila Joya family since 1991, where he achieved his first Michelin Star in 1995 and has held his second Star since 1999. Still today he is creating his magic and delighting us all with his superb Michelin Star Cuisine. 


What Traditional crEATivity means to me?

Claudia transmitted Vila Joya's traditions to Joy with much love. The same happened with my style of cooking, I approached traditional dishes with respect and in turn they made it possible for me to express my crEATivity.

A man of vision

‘I work in the most beautiful place in the world, where I really can create.’

Dieter’s genius is known for the ability to challenge the discipline of cooking while knowing the rules 100%. In his work, the quality of the product is the most important. Inspiration is the the base of a much larger effort, he aims to truly create, please and innovate.

His cuisine has added to the prestige of Vila Joya two Michelin star and places Portugal and Vila Joya on ‘S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ list. The quality of his cooking fits perfectly to the breath-taking setting of the Vila Joya restaurant, overlooking the dark blue Atlantic Ocean.

The time and love he puts in his craft, shown by the subtle blend of different aromas, flavours and premium ingredients, are fundamental to the personal touch he gives to the Mediterranean Cuisine he has chosen as palette, always being careful to choose local produce and freshest fish from the Atlantic Ocean.